Our company provides free maps, souvenirs to all our travelers. All the travelers using our tour-services are welcomed in an Armenian family.

"Wonderland Armenia’’ is an experienced tour company .Our company organizes different kinds of  tours in Republic of Armenia, Nagorny Karabagh and in Georgia. We are specialized in incoming and domestic tourism. Our aim is to help you to discover wonderland Armenia, hence we offer special tours to touch upon the singular characteristic of this magnificent land and people.  We will make your trip unforgettable and interesting. We do our best to give you chance to fulfill your aim of arrival or to be sure in what you have been informed about Armenia. Come and join us.

Visiting us you'll feel the aroma of ancient, get familiarized with Armenian miracles, traditions and customs of Armenian creative people, which mystery you'll understand becoming a participant of our tours.


Our Services:

  • Tour packages in Armenia, Nagorny Karabagh and Georgia ( all our tours include hiking and trekking and communication with locals in villages)
  • Daily excursions
  • Various individual and group tours
  • Travel-guides in different languages
  • Hotel/Apartment accommodation service
  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Catering and lunch services
  • Celebration of Armenian national holidays
  • Renting cars, mini-van and buses