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Air access to Armenia is through the country’s two international airports: Zvartnots (the main-20 km far from Yerevan, and Gyumri-110 km far from Yerevan. Over 20 airlines have received licenses for flight operations and currently perform scheduled as well as non-scheduled flights. They directly join Armenia with over forty cities in Europe, CIS, and the countries of the Middle East. Various foreign carriers also operate flights to Yerevan and Gyumri.

 In 2002 Government of Armenia signed a 30-year concession agreement with Argentina-based American Corporation” for Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport. The rights were transferred to CJSC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American International Airports. The airport has been certificated for International Civil Aeronautics Organization of the 2nd category, this means that can accept and release aircraft under any weather conditions. The airport has modern cargo handling facilities built in 1997 by an American construction company under the loan provided by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 9,416 tons of cargo is transported and 25,940 transit flights are operated yearly.

Starting from 2007 all the passengers arrive and depart by new built terminals. In 2011 a new underground parking was built with the area of more than 800 cars now days Zvartnots international airport is considered number one airport in the South Caucasus.


Armenian airlines was established shortly after the independence of Armenia in 1991 from Aeroflot’s Armenian directorate and was the sole carrier in Armenia until 2002 when private companies Armenian International Airways and Armavia began to complete with it. Later Armavia was granted most of the flights. Nowadays there are some airlines in Armenia which organize flights to different countries of the world.


1.Aeroflot (SU)

12Amirian st.

Tel: 53 21 31

7. British Airways (BA)

10 Sayat-Nova

Tel: 52 13 83

2. Air Baltic

25 Teryan st

Tel: 501221

8. Bmi British Midland International

37 Moscovyan

Tel: 521383

3.Air France

9 Alek Manukyan

Tel: 512277

9. Caspian Airlines (RV)
19 Nalbandian st.

Tel: 52 44 02

4.Armavia (U8)

3 Amirian st.

Tel: 56 48 05

10. Fly Dubai

8 Zakian str, Yerevan

Tel: 56-86-10

5. Atlantis European Airways

29 Sayat-Nova

Tel: 54 47 42

11. KLM (KL)
10 Sayat-Nova

Tel: 56 72 08

6. Austrian Airlines (OS)

9 Alek Manukian st.

Tel: 51 22 01

13.Luftansa (LH)

Armenia Mariot Hotel

Tel: 59 99 21

12. Siberia Airlines (S7)

1 Zakian st.

Tel: 52 15 46