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You can see birds anywhere in Armenia. Even in Yerevan city and its outskirts, the most populated and polluted area, where parks and patches of'natural' land are being progressively destroyed and buried under asphalt and concrete, it is possible to find over 80 species of birds in the summer. As elsewhere in Southern Europe the best time to visit Armenia is mid May - mid June. Visiting in May could produce a number of late migrants and increase chances with Caucasian Grouseand Semi-collared Flycatcher (which become very hard to find from mid June). But those who have Pale Rockfinch on their primary 'target list' should plan their trip closer to mid June, as the species arrives normally in 1st-2nd third of June and in some years in the last third of the month! Early May visits, apart from unstable weather, could additionally result in difficulties with high-altitude species because of remaining snow on the way to their habitats, while mid summer heat at low elevations could significantly decrease birds (and birder’s!) activity. If you are interested in such kind of tours, please contact us and we'll organize a wonderful Bird-watching itinerrery for you.