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Yerevan is one of the oldest cites of the world and it means that this city can boast of by its cultural and historical places. Here you can find just some samples of city tours, as we prefer to show individual approach to each traveler making special tours according to their preferences and professions.

Factory Tour

Tuffencian carpet hall-Vernisag-Cognac Factory

A unique opportunity exists to learn about the special features of handmade carpets and purchase antique and new carpets from Tuffenian show hall. According to scholars Armenia is the country where rug and carpet waving originated. Today the ornaments of Armenian carpets are famous and well-known all over the world. Here you can learn about the ancient traditions of hand-made carpets.

Cognac Factory-Here you’ll discover the living legend of the Armenian brandy which was called l cognac in 1902 in France. During the tour you’ll have an opportunity to take part in making and testing ceremonies. At the video hall you’ll have an opportunity of watching 15 minutes film << The tour in the world of legendary Armenian brandy>>.

Vernisage- This is an open-air craft museum-market where you can find anything typical both to Armenian and international heritage of culture and traditions.

Museum Tour

Erebuni museum and fortress-Matenadaran-History museum of Armenia

Yerevan was founded in 782 B.C. on the area of Erebuni. Visiting Erebuni you will see ruins of that huge fortress, cuneiform inscriptions about foundation of Yerevan and the temple of Xaldi. In 1968 when the 2750 anniversary of the city was celebrated, Erebuni museum was opened, where you can find everything discovered during the excavations of different Armenian cities: water-tubs, statuettes, ornaments, weapons and 23 cuneiform inscriptions. Matenadaran-This is the research institute of old manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots. In number and value of manuscripts this establishment is considered one of the world's oldest and richest treasure-troves. Enormous heritage of Armenian culture is stocked here. Here are more then 13.000 hand-written books and fragments, a large number of unique manuscripts in different languages. Here are the biggest and the smallest books.

History museum-The museum comprises the departments of history, archaeology, ethnography , arts and letters. The collection numbers 300.000 exhibits of great scientific and instructive value for studying the ancient history of Armenia. A special hall is assigned to the displays of Urartu. Impressive are the cuneiform inscriptions discovered in Erebuni, the statuettes of the gods, warriors, weapons, clay-made jars for wine, iron instruments and so on. Here the visitor gets a glimpse of the 7th-8th centuries architectural vestiges, feminized with the model of temple Zvartnots. Here are numerous xachkars (cross-stones). For more details please have a look at museums.

Victory Park-Hrazdan Canyon-Genocide complex-Blue Mosque-St.Sargis church

Victory park is devoted to the victory of Soviet Arms in the Second World War. This is a big part, half of which are full of entertainments for children (merry-go-rounds, boating and different games). Here is Mother Armenia monument which is the symbol of Armenia. It is standing on pedestal and in such position in order to be seen from every point of the city. Inside the pedestal is a museum devoted to the Second World War and battles and victory of Nagorny Karabagh. Hrazdan Canyon- This is a admirable place. This used to be the settlement of our ancestors. Armenian fauna and flora is really rich. Here are a number of fertile tress. The slash of Hrazdan river, the magic of nature, the sweet smell of flowers make the idea as if you are in wonderland. Here are a lot of Armenian national restaurants. This is lovely place for picnics, swimming, fishing.

Genocide complex- This complex is devoted to the 50th anniversary of Turkish genocide against the Armenians. In 1915 Turkish government brought terrible tragedy for the Armenians. More then 2 million Armenians were killed. Every year on April 24 (the day when 800 intellectuals were killed) all the Armenian from different spots of the world visit this complex to give tribute to the victims. Here is a museum where you can see all the documentations, facts, pictures concerning this terrific massacre. There is the list of the countries that have already accepted this fact.

Blue Mosque- This is the only mosque in Armenia. Visiting this mosque you will realize similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity and will appreciate advantages of both architectures.