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The architectural complexes Haghpat, Sanahin and Kobayr are among the outstanding works of medieval Armenian architecture. In their artistic merits they transcend the limits of national culture. The monasteries are situated in the north of Armenia: in Lori region, which is the riches region of forests. Standing on a high plateau, they rise sharply against the background of steep forests-grown slopes. These ensembles stand out not only for the original architecture of religious and civil building, but they are also most instructive as samples of town building art which show high skill of Armenian architects. They had a tremendous influence on the development of medieval Armenian architecture. These structures date back to the 10th-13th centuries. In these monasteries, especially in Sanahin different scientists studied. The main monastery buildings are grounded around their chief temples, forming integral architectural organisms. They are asymmetrical relative to their main axes, which lends them picturesque. Compactness and harmonious balancing of the complexes are achieved owing to the fact that each subsequent architect proceeded from the state of ensemble that already existed and coordinated the shape and layout of each church with it. They have a lot in common. Sanahin bridge is one of the biggest bridges of Armenia. It is very interesting due to the fact that its right size is horizontal but left side terraces down to the bank.

There isn’t a road to Kobayr monastery, so you can accompany hiking and admiration of nature at the same time. The nature and the proud monastery will astonish you. Perched on a shelf of the gorge, in an ancient and sacred place where springs seep out of the rock, trees and vines twine among the intricately carved blocks of the monastery. On the ledge above is the refectory building.  From here you will have a closer view of the large cave.

Odzun--This is a large, wonderful longitudinal cruciform church .This is also notable for its figural relief sculpture. This looks like a miracle in the spot of nature. This church dates back to the 13th century. This is one of the unique churches, which is on the top of the canyon and half of it now is covered with moss and it looks like a part of nature.