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Armenia is a country of hiking tours, as here in any corner you’ll discover a miracle.

Mountain Aragats This is the highest point of present-day Armenia and the Lesser Caucasus range. It is the only four-peaked mountain in Armenia, the highest and the most difficult of which is the Northern one with the height of 4095m (it’s an extinct volcano), and the easiest is the Southern peak, which is reachable for every healthy person. This is the most lovely extreme tour for all travelers as the mountain welcomes you with picturesque landscapes, wild flowers, volcanic peaks, fresh and cold air, and gives great adrenalin. The bus will take you to the Stone lake which is on the slop of the mountain 3200m above the sea level, from where the hiking will start. It takes about two hours to climb and one hour or less to return. You don’t need any equipment for the Southern peak, but if you are interested in climbing Northern peak, you need special climbing equipments. On its slopes are the Byurakan Observatory and the medieval Amberd Fortress. Legend holds << One day Saint Grigor the Illuminator was praying on Mt. Aragats, when a miraculous lantern hanging from the heavens came down on him>. The Armenians believe that the Illuminator’s lantern is still there and only those with pure heart and spirit, can see the eternal lantern-the symbol of hopes and dreams. Climbing this mountain you’ll leave all your bed moods behind having healthy mind in healthy body.

Mountain Aghdahak-This is a wonderful mountain (3598m above the sea level). Climbing this monument you will admire the nature. It is easy to climb. There is a small lake on the top of the mountain.

Xosrov Natural Preserve-Xosrov Preserve is situated in south-east of Yerevan, at the foot of the Geghama volcanic mountain, in the basins of the Azat and Vedi rivers. For centuries this preserve was enjoyed as a hunting-ground for Armenian nobility. In 1958 the Khosrov forest, consisting of 8 separate areas, was officially declared a reserve. The preserve is situated 1400-2250 m above sea-level, and extends over an area of about 30,000 hectares, 9000 of which is forested. The reserve boasts very lush flora, including more than 1800 species of plants, 156 of which are considered rare, endangered or disappearing. The fauna of the reserve is likewise thriving. In the reserve, one can find amphibians, 7 types of fish, and over 30 varieties of reptiles. You’re going to travel by a trunk 30 minutes after which the hiking will start.

Diligan forests and Clear Lake-Armenia is rich with fertile forests. So you can accompany climbing, making bunches of variety flowers, tasting and even gathering blackberry, raspberry, mushroom. Anybody can’t describe your pleasure and feelings by words. So if you are nature fan this route is just for you, as the calm weather, the fresh air and the variety of wild flowers and plants will surprise you.

Mountain Ughtasar-The rocky figures of Ughtasar have their proper place in the testimonies of Armenian pre-historical culture. The rocky figures have very different contents and rich subject-matters. The nature and the animal world of Armenia with their all richness are presented on the rock figures of Ughtasar. The depiction of animals on the stones are astonishing. The pictures are carved on a smooth surface of the rocks the deepness of which are 2-6 mm. The style of these figures are considered to belong to the 5-2 millennium B.C.

Historical Sights of Ashtarak-Ashtarak is one of the ancient cities of Armenia, so here are a number of historical sights to visit. During the hiking you will visit a number of fortresses dating back from the 7-4 century B.C., St.Sion, St.Grigor (7th century churches), Voskehat Iron Age Fort and tomb field and 14th century church. You will admire carved dragon stones brought from Mountain Aragats. A bird's wing monument devoted to the heroes of the battle Van is unique in the territory of Armenia.

Armenia is rich with forests, mountains and other natural wonders, so above are only examples, you can choose whatever you want, or we'll offer other things according to your taste.

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