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Historically Artsax (this is the name that Armenians call this land and an Armenian one. By the way Karabagh is a Turkish name and it means <>.) was founded in the 8th century B.C. It was part of Armenian ancient kingdoms. In 428 when Armenia didn't have statehood, here in some ways was still Armenian statehood. Here Islam appeared in the 18th century. In the second half of the 18th century Karabagh Xanutiun was formed in the territory of Persia. In the 17th-18th centuries meliks of Karabagh led Armenian liberating-battles against Turkey and Persia. In 1805 Karabagh was involved in the power of Russia. There wasn't Karabagh Xanutiun any more. It was involved in Elizavetapol province, which continued till 1917. In the 19th century Shusi-administrative center of Karabagh was blossomed. In 1917 after February revolution the power of Karabagh belonged to Armenian National Council. During 1918-1920 it was independent. Aderbedgan's only aim was to conquer Karabagh and the government of Aderbadgan took every terrible steps for the fulfillment of the aim. In 1920 the army of Aderbedgan killed all the population of Shusi and burnt Armenian areas of Shusi. In 1920 Russian armies entered Karabagh and Soviet Power ruled here. In 1921 Russian Soveit Republic accepted an unlawful decision to give Karabagh to Aderbedgan. This was the result of Russian-Turkish diplomacy, as Russia had became close to Turkey which defended the gains of Aderbadgan. Due to such political positions Armenia already had given Naxighevan to Aderbedgan in 1921. In 1923 autonomous region of Nagorny Karabagh was formed without its southern and eastern parts which beforhand had been given to Aderbadgan. Besides Aderbadgan did so that Nagorny Karabagh had no border with Armenia. Of course this was very bad for the development of social-economic life of Nagorny Karabagh. Till 1988 Armenians of Nagorny Karabagh wrote many letters and begged the government of Aderbedgan to join their land to Armenia, but of course all their efforts were in vain, Aderbedgan didn't take any step for it, so on the February of 1988 Karabagh movement started. Soon  HHSH (Armenian Public Movement) was formed, the only aim of which was to solve problem of Karabagh. The idea of creation og Karabagh movement bothered Soviet Power, because it might be reason for the battles of another regions in its territory. So using Aderbedgan jingoists Soviet Power in 1988 February began massacres of Armenians in Sungait and in 1990 in Baku. After the massacres more then 400.000 Armenians left Karabagh and moved to Armenia. Soon Aderbadgan blockaded Armenia and Karabagh. In 1992 spring Aderbadgan by the help of Soviet army all the Armenian villages of Xanlar province destroyed and displaced the population. Armenian population of Nagorny Karabagh couldn't stand any more and organized self-defense detachments. By the independent activities of Armenia, the problem of Nagorny Karabagh was appeared to the attention of the international society. Many countries were for the independence of Nagorny Karabagh, even some international companies accepted special solutions and orders for it. In 1991 it was declared  Autonomous Republic of Nagorny Karabagh and the result of the first referendum, held on December, was for the independence of Karabagh.