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Official Name-Republic of Armenia (Hayastan)

  • Capital-Yerevan
  • Religion-Christianity
  • Population-3 million
  • Official language-Armenian
  • Currency-Armenian Dram (1 $=410 dram )
  • Political System-Presidential
  • Independence day-September 21
  • Time-GMT +4

Flag-tricolor (red, blue, orange)

  • National Anthem-Our Fatherland (Mer Hayrenik)
  • Administrative Division-11 provinces
  • Geographic coordinates-on the South: 38.50` northern latitude, on the North:41.20` northern latitude, on the West: 43.30` eastern longitude, on the east: 46.00` eastern longitude
  • Neighboring countries-on the north: Georgia, on the east:Azerbaijan, on the south: Iran, on the west:TurkeyLowest Peak-380m in the Debed canyon
    • Area-29.8 square km
    • ·      Altitude-average-1800 m, lowest 380 m
    • Highest peak- Mt.Aragats (4090m)
  • Biggest natural freshwater reservoir-lake Sevan
  • Climate-Dry Continental
  • National Minorities-Russian, Yezdis, Kurds, Greeks
  • Voltage-220V, 50Hz