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Wonderland Armenia travel-company invites you to celebrate Armenian traditional holidays in the Armenian unique sights.  . Visiting to us you’ll fell the aroma of anciently, get familiarized with traditions and customs of Armenian creative people, which mystery you’ll understand,   becoming a participant of them. Tours includes national songs and games. The majority of Armenian holidays are changeable according to the East. Don’t lose the opportunity, visit and make sure of   yourselves.

New Year-December 31-this is the main holiday of Armenia.

 Whole city is decorated with miracle decorations and walking in the streets you’ll feel yourself in a fairy-land.

Merry ChristmasJanuary 6 - During this holiday in all Christian churches of Armenia a huge ceremony takes place. Entering the church you’ll admire the sacred music and water-spraying ceremony, you’ll have an opportunity to drop Christian on you as a memory of Jesus Christ baptism .Different religious and spiritual ceremonies are connected with this holiday. National dishes are fish, rice and grape pilaf, different kinds of herbs and some ancient Armenian dishes. Take part in this holiday, redeem your fault and enjoy Armenian national dishes

St.Sargis (St. Valentian) -If you want to see your future couple, eat very salty cake not dare to drink water the whole day long, welcome to this holiday. This is lover’s holiday and has the same meaning as St. Valentine. A number of old ceremonies and believes are connected with this holiday. National dish is poxind ( dish with flour) which is not only dish, but means of fate as well.

Barekendan –February 10-20- Even the name of the holiday gives idea about it << Kindness>> and << Aliveness>>.Taking park to this fertile holiday you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the fertility of different meals. The variety of fruit will amaze you, the smell of delicious meal will < excite your appetite>. ENJOY YOUR FOOD. The whole ceremony will be accompanied by Armenian national dances and songs

Tiarendarag (Come approach to the Cod)- February 13th  If you want to feel like a << flame-born> Vahagn, take park in this unique pagan holiday. <Tiarendarag>> in Armenian means <Come approach to the God>. The main dessert is poxind and axandz ( roasted grains of wheat) and gata ( Armenian national cake). A number of magic customs are connected with this holiday.

Tsaxkazard (Awaking of flowers)- March 20-April 10 If you are keen of flowers, take part to this holiday. Today you’ll see blossom everyway: the people, the streets, the churches etc. Everybody wears flower wreaths on the head, holding a bunch of flower. Noticing the queue of people in front of churches you will be surprised. It’s a custom that the bunch of flowers, the wreaths will be sanctified today.

Easter-April 6 (this year)-Every Christian country celebrate this saint holiday in its own way. For the Armenians this is the best celebrated one, due to the fact, that Armenia was first to adopt Christianity. Participate to this Christian most favorite holiday, try your power playing << fight-fight>> egg-game, enjoy << The blood and body of Jesus Christ>>.

Vardavar (Sanctifying of Water )-It is celebrated 98 days after the Easter. This is one of the loveliest and happiest holiday. If you’re sick and tired of dull and hot summer, participate to this << long-waited>> Armenian holiday and get enough fresh for the whole summer. Remember the frosty winter at least for one day.

Ascension-This is celebrated 40 days after the Easter. During this holiday you’ll participate in the Draw Lots ceremony, sing and dance around the mountains.

Victory Day-In 1945, during the second World War German was defeated and since then we  have been celebrating this holiday to respect the brave soldiers who were fighting for our victory. We are proud of our victory. Today the Victory park is full of people. You’ll take part in various traditional parades, concerts and bon-fires.

Independence Day-September 21-  Armenia became independent in 1991 and a lot of concerts are held on this occasion. We did our best for becoming independent

Genocide Memory Day-April 24- This is the most important day of the Armenian history. Today all the Armenians from all over the world gather in the Genocide Memorial Complex. You can watch documentary films and programs on TV as well as visit to Genocide Memorial complex and put a bunch of flower to the memory of the victims.

Visit and get acquainted with Armenian baptize, wedding and other ceremonies. We’ll do our best to organize wonderful and unforgettable celebrations for you