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There are a lot of hotels in Artsax (NagornyKarabagh) located in different cities: Stepanakert, Shushi, Vank village… Here you can find just few of the best hotels for more detailes please contact us and we’ll find the suitable hotel for you

Armenia hotel------Armenia Hotel in Stepanakert is located on Renaissance Square, in the heart of Stepanakert. The hotel has 55 guest rooms, all furnished according to international standards. he hotel has a full business center with Internet access, swimming pool and sauna.

Yerevan hotel --Hotel Yerevan is a 5 minute walk from the central area of Stepanakert, in the Tumanyan Street. At your order there are 16 comfortable and different types of numbers which are furnished by the conditioner, phone, LCD TV, mini-bar, heating, bathroom with a shower. Wireless Internet Wi-Fi free.To services of guests there are covered parking, lobby-bar and billiard hall with a kind on city stadium.

Shushi Grand hotel---Shushi Grand Hotel is situated in the heart of Shushi.All rooms of the hotel are fully equipped with all necessary amenities. Most of the rooms have balconies from where the picturesque view to the town is opened. The conference hall for up to 300 persons with free WiFi internet connection and with all other technical facilities is under the disposal of a business traveler. In the evenings guests can relax in the cinema hall, discotheque or an open air cafe. In the restaurant one can taste both traditional Armenian and European cuisine.  

Nairi hotel---Nairi hotel is located in a quiet part of Stepanakert, far from the noise of the town, but not far from its center. The availability of the transport will let you get easily to every part of the town. All our 46 rooms are equipped with separate bathrooms, telephones, fridges, TV-sets with satellite channels, air-conditioners, WiFi internet and all the other essential conditions for a traveler.Part of the rooms have breathtaking panoramic view towards the mountains and pool that operates in the backyard. 24 hour room service, satellite TV, internet, air conditioners, fully equipped bathrooms, laundry service.