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Amaras monastery -This monastery is the oldest architectural sight of Artsax.MesropMashtots the creator of Armenian alphabet established the first school here which used his scripts in the first beginning of the 5th c.

Askeran Mayraberd fortress -(Mother Fortress)-This military fortress was built in NagornyKarabagh.This was arsenal till the 18th c and for the protection from Persian 1789 campaigns it was forced and changed into a fortress. The walls are 3 m thick and 9 m tall and the length of the walls is 1.5 km

Gandzasar (Treasure mountain) monastery -This 10th c. monastery is a "pearl" of Artsax and masterpiece of Armenian architecture. This is the seat of Archbishop of Artsax. Gandzasar's Cathedrak St. John the Baptist was built in the 13th c. It is rich with wonderful bas-reliefs depicting Crucifiction, Adam and Eva and two ministers holding a model of the church above their heads as an offering to God.

Jermajur -Natural warm water which comes from underground. Its temperature is 60 degree C independently from the seasons of the year. The water stream runs up to 7m.The mineral water has healing property. You can bathe in the pool which is built around the natural fountain.The pool is located on the bank of Tartar River, not far from Karvachar City (about 20km). The road to Djermadjur is also worth seeing. It spreads across rocky mountains and forests, along Tartar River bank.

Kanach Jam -Among Shushi's monuments is also famous VerinTagh or KanachZham (Green Chapel) church, which has preserved almost unharmed.

Mayraberd -14km towards east from Stepanakert is situated Askeran's remarkable fort. The fort with high towers and thick walls is closed by Karkar River's valley from two sides. It is fastened with double-ramparts, with which it makes impregnable the canyon between the mountains.

Shushi -looks like an observation post, rising high above the territory around it, with sweeping panoramic views all around.Shushi's fort is situated in Varandaprincedome's territory, and so it belongs to Varanda's prince Melik -Shahnazaryan. The over 2,5km long ramparts start from the high rock in the south-western side of the mountain- plain and "climbing" by the very slopy branches and cliffs they encircle the fort-town from west, then go down by a slope, turn to west and stick in a rock. Shushi's other, southern wing fully, the eastern and western ones are partly enclosed by natural huge (stony vertical) ramparts.

Sxtorashen -plane tree-Not far from Sktorashen village rises a huge plane tree, which is more than 2000 years old. It is the oldest and the highest tree on CIS territory. The hollow has an area of 44 sq.m. The perimeter of the tree hollow is 27m, the height is 54m. The giant tree's shadow equals to 1400 sq.m. The leaves of the tree reach to 0,5m. Skhotrashen plane is bigger than famous Kos island trees in Aegean Sea and the trees in Pirusa valley near Ashkhabad.