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Lake Sevan- This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sight in Armenia. It is << the pearl of Armenia>>. This wonder is situated at almost 2000m above the sea level. Its beauty is austere and majestic. The pure air and sandy beaches attract holiday makers. This is the largest lake of the Caucasus and one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world. Sevanavank-this church is on the top of Sevan peninsula. From here opens the wonderful view of lake Sevan.

Dilidjan-is one of the forest-rich cities of Armenia. This resort area is famous with its unique architectural and historical sights. Visiting here you’ll appear in wonderland. This is the 'Small Switzerland> of Armenia' with its picturesque nature.

Haghartsin-This complex was built in the 13th c and appearing here you seem to appear in a miracle land, as the natural and architectural beauty is very harmonic and impressive. This sight inspired and attracted an Arab shayx so much that he donated a great sum for the reconstruction of this complex. In 2011 it was wholly repaired and equipped with all modern technologies for the church protection.

Goshavank monastery - was founded by Armenian famous fabler  Mkhitar Gosh in the 13th century. Here is the  most famous masterpiece of carved-cross stones (khachkar) which is an   <>. The carving is so perfect that it looks like an openwork lace. The distinctiveness and richness of the church’s decoration evidence the artistic taste and consummate skill of the craftsmen who created it.