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There are a lot of hotels located on the banks of Lake Sevan. Here are just few samples of the best ones, please contact us and we’ll immediately find the suitable hotel for you.

Avan Marak Tsapatagh 4* - Located in an enchanting village on the eastern shore of Lake Sevan, Guests will appreciate the authenticity of the accommodations: handcrafted, natural materials combined with the finest fabrics and regionally-inspired design to create an unmistakably Armenian ambiance within a hotel of the highest international standards. This hotel belongs to Tufenkian culinary team. All rooms and suites have private balconies and breathtaking views of Lake Sevan.

Best Western Bohemian Resort ---The calming and relaxing atmosphere of the hotel complex, together with such comfortable facilities as restaurant, which offers wide range of local and European cuisine, Kids Club, Billiards, Pool Bar, situated near the beach, Open Air swimming pool and beach are what one needs for his/her perfect holidays and vacations.

Harsnaqar---Elegantly designed rooms provide all the necessary .You can stay at two- or three-room accommodations of semi de-lux and lux categories along with comfortable mini-cottages. There are fashionable two-storied cottages: hallway, living room with a fireplace, kitchen with all the relevant appliances and utensils, a guest restroom, a dormitory and large balcony. Aqua-park entrance is free for all hotel clients. For those our guests, who like healthy life-style, and prefer to combine their rest with active sport relaxation, we offer our free high accessorized tennis courts, mini football & basketball fields. You may enjoy them with your children, and your friends.  open sky café has a wonderful view at Sevan Lake, especially at the Sunset. 

Blue Sevan--It is as one bypasses the upper shore of the small Sevan and advances along the northeast shore that the Blue Sevan resort center comes into view from behind the trees by the road. Being shielded from the north winds by the mountains and having a magnificent view of the lake, the resort has a fantastic location and scenery.  The main hotel building is at a distance of 150 meters from the shore. It has four floors., has been recently renovated and refurbished. Each room has an inner telephone, a TV set, a refrigerator and a bathroom with permanent hot and cold water supply.