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There are four telephone operators in Armenia:Beeline ,Vivacell MTS,Orange,Ucom

For dialing Armenia from abroad, you should dial:

00374(country code) +city code (Yerevan city code-10)+subscriber number

00374+Mobile code+subscriber number

For dialing NagornyKarabagh (Artsax)from abroad, you should dial:

00374+47 ( local telephone code)+subscriber number

00374+97 (mobile code)+subscriber number

For dialing NagornyKarabagh (Artsax)from Yerevan, you should dial:

0+47 ( local telephone code)+subscriber number

0+97 (mobile code)+subscriber number

For calling between Armenia (by local number to telephone number), you should dial

0 + City Code (Yerevan city code-10) + Local Number.

0+Mobile code+subscriber number

Mobile codes:

Beeline- 91, 99,96 ,43 www.beeline.am

Viva cell-93,94,98,77,49 www.mts.am

Orange-55,95,41 www.orangearmenia.am

Calls within Yerevan not involving a cellular phone do not require a code.

For international calls, you should dial

00 + Country Code + City Code + Number.


Fire department- 1 01

Police------------- 1 02

Ambulance-------1 03

Gas line-----------1 04