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Garny Temple is 30km east to Yerevan. It is 1800 meter above the sea level. This is the only pagan temple currently standing in Armenia. This is the second century pre-Christian structure with its classical Hellenistic lines. It is situated in a picturesque mountain offering a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding valley and deep canyon. This temple has a unique beauty. Its small square hall with the altar is surrounded with 24 columns symbolizing 24 hours of the day. It comes to prove the big mastery of local architects and builders. Here you’ll have a chance to taste homemade Armenian traditional dry-fruits and pastries: sugux, lavalsh and many other tasty things.  Near it is a bathhouse with its unique sea mosaics. Garny canyon-Garny is located at the edge of a wonderful canyon named after the river. And visiting the canyon you’ll admire one of the most attractive landscapes in the world natural wonder, which is a hanging rocks in different formations. Geghard (Spear) Cave Monastery is carved out of solid rock. It is a monastery of the spear with which the chest of Christ was wounded of the cross. Now days the spear is in the museum of  Echmiadzin. The original structure dates back to the early times when Christianity was recognized. There is a natural spring in the interior of the church. A visit to Geghard is really a spiritual experience. In 2000 it was included in the list of UNESCO. This is a remarkable sample of the medieval Armenian Architecture. It is one of the monasteries of medieval Armenia and has been for centuries a sanctuary for pilgrimage. It’s the only monastery in Armenia carved inside the cave.