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Our company provides free maps, souvenirs to all our travelers. All the travelers using our tour-services are welcomed in an Armenian family.

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I''m very happy to have finely visited Armenia. I''m amazed about how green Yerevan is. I won''t forget the weird guys and how much fun we had with your company staff during the tours. Your guides are really nice and knows a lot of things.
Alex-2009 (New Zealand)

I think Armenia is a very interesting country, especially the countryside. I wish good luck to your staff. I am grateful to you.
                                                                    Dorte-2010 (Germany)

          I''m very happy to be in Armenia, to have danced kotchari, met friendly people. I hope to come back, knowing how to speak Armenian.
                                                                         Lea-2011 (France)
We’re surprise at how calm is Yerevan, it is one of the calmest cities of our seen. We’ll never forget the impressive and wonderful trips which made us think all the night. We’ve not eaten such delicious dishes.     

Robert and Eliza-2011 (Brazil)



Visiting Armenia was the best decision I have made in years! It''s a warm, beautiful country, with friendly people, and some spectacular sights. I made lots of friends during my short stay, and never felt like a typical tourist. I have highly recommended Armenia as a travel destination to my friends, and will definitely return some day. My friend and me were lucky enough to get a FANTASTIC guided tour with Lilit organized by Wonderland Armenia travel company. She arranged for us to see the spots we really wanted to see.She is very knowledgeable, and gave us lots of great info about the various spots we went to, and to random questions we had. We''re eternally grateful to your staff - you really made our trip!

 Kjell-Jostein Sivertsen 
2012  Oslo, Norway


Lilit was such a great guide! She organized for me and my two friends a really exciting trip! What''s more she has a decent knowledge about Armenia and it was awesome to hear all the stories. Thank you!:)

 Kasia Walczak 
 2013  Warsaw, Poland


came to Armenia to the wedding of my friend. And as I didn''t expect anything and didn''t search for any information about the country, I was very surprised to discover how beautiful Armenia is. I think that one of the best possible ways to spend a warm summer evening is to walk around Yerevan and sip something tasty in one of its many outdoor cafes. I also got a chance to travel a bit around Armenia by the great help of Wonderland Armenia, and I can say without any doubt that the nature in the country is wonderful! I also loved Armenian churches a lot - they are so light and ancient. In general, during my stay in Armenia I couldn''t fight the desire to sing all the time!

These are just a few lines that cannot express all my positive impressions beautiful Armenia and its beautiful people! Now Armenia is one of the destinations that I advice to visit to my friends.

All the best, Iryna

Belarus (2013)


Armenia, even in the middle of the winter and with snow in the streets, is incredibly warm country. I''ve met there one of the most hospitable and warm-hearted people I''ve ever had pleasure to encounter. I didn''t feel like a tourist, but like welcomed guest. It''s beautiful, picturesque country, with many historical and religious sites - definitely worth visiting. I, for one, am planning to come back at some point, in summer.

Best wishes, Marzena

Poland  (2013)

I didn''t spend much time in Armenia, but I really liked what I saw. Generous people, beautiful nature and an interesting capital. My favorite was the view from the Cascades in Yerevan on a clear sunny day, when I could see the impressive Mount Ararat watching over the city.

All the best!




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