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Saghmosavank-this monastery 'Monastery of psalms' is distinguished by a compact arrangement of the monuments around the main building. The clever use of the terrain adds to the picturesque of the complex which is especially expressive when view from the opposite side of the canyon. The decoration is well thought-out. The southern and western facades are well illuminated and decorated more lavishly than the eastern and northern ones, which look very modest.

Oshakan -this is the place, where the creator of the Armenian alphabet- Mesrop Mashtots is buried. This is a 19th century building but his grave was erected in the 5th century. Here you’ll be introduced with Armenian alphabet, the creation work of it, Armenian language which is very old one. When you get accounted with the Armenian language, you’ll realize that Armenian was the base of many languages. Armenian alphabet is one of the most phonetic alphabets. It can be used for translation of words from any other alphabet without changing the initial pronunciation of sounds.

Amberd-Amberd fortress is the only well survived fortress of Armenia dating back to the Bronze age. The castle ruins of Amberd comprised an area of 1,500 square meters. Its walls are constructed of roughly hewn  basalt blocks set in place with mortar.