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Xor Virap “Deep Hole”-this is the church where Grigor the Illuminator stayed 13 years without any food and proved that Christianity is a very powerful religion. After it the Armenians adopted Christianity by Grigor the Illuminator. From here opens the wonderful view of the Armenian pride- Mt.Ararat. It dates back to the 13th c.

Areni winery-Areni village is located about 120 km from Yerevan on the banks of the river Arpa. At the entrance to the village, right at the road on the left side a private smal wine factory "Areni" is located, which you can visit to get acquainted with the production process, taste the local wines.


The winery “Areni” was founded in 1994 in the village Areni, where the wine from the grapes of the same name is made through thousands of years. This is a very small economy, which is called factory probably because of the Soviet habit to gigantism. 8 persons constantly work here. Another 10-12 people treat vineyards. The director of the plant-is Rafik Simonyan.

Noravank -Visiting Noravank church complex you’ll appear in wonderland as the church- complex is situated on the top of the rocks and is surrounded with the miracle rocks and cliffs that change their color depending on the Sun rays and weather. This complex dates back from 12th-13th c.